Mindware DAAS

Mindware desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) offering is an end-to-end solution that provides everything an organization needs to quickly deliver desktops to workers and accelerate user productivity. Targeted at a wide audience of varying IT skill levels, this Mindware service enables our customers, from business users to IT experts, to rapidly provision virtual desktops on cloud.

As part of our larger digital workspace strategy, Mindware is helping organizations to deliver a do-it-yourself DaaS solution. Mindware DAAS Offers meets the needs of your business giving you Simplified IT, Flexibility, User experience& Security.

Meet Modern Workspace Challenges

Mindware has long been recognized for offering VDI Technology in the region and has good track record of implementing the solution. The new Mindware desktop-as-a-service offering will be one more way Mindware makes it easier to address the modern workforce’s business challenges with simple, easy-to-deploy solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Mindware DAAS

Mindware offers an end-to-end DaaS solution that includes

  • Windows Virtual Desktop with Windows 10 hosted on cloud
  • Secure remote access from any device via multi-factor authentication
  • A high-definition user experience that make it easy to work from any device, anywhere
  • Intelligent management and monitoring for simplified on-going maintenance